completely avoiding any pun on the band’s name, just to mess with your expectations

As I point out in my comments to his rather point-missing review of the new Star Trek film, Shepherd Express utility arts critic Dave Luhrssen seems to be trying to do too many things at once, and the quality of his work suffers. (Not that that prevents him from throwing irrelevant anti-academia mini-rants into every other thing he writes, however…) Here’s his review of the new CD by the reunited power-pop band Green – and I’d accuse him of phoning it in, except its brevity and pointlessness suggest that he’d only texted it in. First, once you’ve described a band as “power pop,” mentioning the Beatles as a point of comparison is redundant: it would be far more notable if a power-pop band somehow did not display any Beatles influence. And let’s see, shall we continue to define power pop as a genre? Sure, why not: Big Star, Kinks, Syd Barrett, and the Left Banke (of “Walk Away Renee” and “Pretty Ballerina” fame). I rather hope the album isn’t “generic power-pop album #3,753″…yet Luhrssen’s review seems oblivious to its clear suggestions that the album is just that bland and unexceptional.


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