Do conservatives dream of electric Supreme Court Justices?

Apparently Wendy Long (head of something called the Judicial Confirmation Network, which is not one of those cable channels in the four-digit range but a conservative group that worked to make sure buddy W. got his way with his court picks) would fail the Voigt-Kampff test: her comments in this article suggest she doesn’t even understand the concept. “If you have empathy for everybody, you have empathy for nobody,” Long fumes. Uh, no: empathy is one of those concepts for which this particular logical maneuver fails. Empathy is precisely the ability to put yourself in another’s shoes, to try to feel for and understand their circumstances…no matter what those circumstances might be. If you rule out in advance having empathy for a particular type of person, you’re saying you just aren’t very empathic – especially since, duh, feeling empathy for people very similar to yourself is not exactly a challenge.


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