magic number for dumbasses?

Take as read a minirant against the dolts who enter a single number into the BPM field when ripping CDs into iTunes (it stands for “beats per minute” and would, therefore, vary track-by-track). What puzzles me is, first, if people think that field refers to bitrate (plausible – if equally dumb, since your encoding rate isn’t mine…) why it seems that 99% of the time, the number entered in that field is “192.”

This is my second-biggest iTunes/CDDB/Gracenote (whatever the online database is these days) mystery. The biggest one is why some titles get entered with “(DTAS)” appended, and what that’s supposed to stand for.

(Also annoying: the folks who enter “(album version)” after songs that only exist in one version, on the album.)

Okay – clearly I’ve got nothing better to do right now…


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One response to “magic number for dumbasses?

  1. The randomness of Gracenote track name quality is appalling. It has a particularly hard time even identifying multi-disc albums.

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