what about a pointed stick?

Wisconsin’s Attorney General, J.B. “Quick-Draw” Van Hollen, has ruled that Wisconsinites can carry around guns in plain sight. And he announced the ruling on the tenth anniversary of the Columbine massacre. Sensitive guy, that J.B.

While his reasoning is based on the fact that there’s no particular law preventing people from doing so, the notion that having a gun is not, ipso facto, “disorderly conduct” is a bit iffy. Excuse me, but except for a police officer or other trained person, a visible gun is a pretty obvious implicit threat to life and limb – and if having one’s life threatened isn’t “disorderly” I don’t know what is.

Predictably, gun nuts hailed the statement as supporting people’s rights “to defend themselves” (what against, it’s not said – I’m much more worried about needing defending against morons carrying guns in public) – and, if you were wondering where one gun group’s spokesman’s head was at, he absurdly compared the “political point” people might make by openly carrying a gun (that political point being, presumably, “don’t fuck with me”) to gay couples who “go out of their way to hold hands in public.” I’m not sure how one goes “out of the way” to hold hands – I’d believe him if gay couples typically went around in holding hands in contorted Twister-game gymnast poses, or if they were wearing t-shirts saying “I drove all the way from Nebraska to hold hands” or something – but it’s typical of these loons that they can’t imagine that a gay couple holding hands might not be an utterly natural thing to do, the political point being that other people are complete headcases if they have a problem with it.

So he has a problem with gay men holding hands in public – but not straight men holding their weapons in public. Uh-okay then…


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  1. We have tons of open-carry nuts in Virginia. They are trying to get the rules changed for state parks and the pre-security side of airports. There’s a great idea. Armed idiots in the baggage check-in line.

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