it’s my horn and I’ll toot if I want to

To the list of descriptions applicable to me (obsessive typist, general annoyance, etc.) you may add “published photographer.” Well, it’s not much…but about a year ago I was contacted by an editor on a book project, seeking permission to use one of my photographs, which she found at my Flickr site. As I’d posted the image under a Creative Commons license, seeking permission was merely politeness…but I appreciated it, and agreed readily.

The book in question has finally appeared, and unannounced a complimentary copy arrived in my mail today. And hey – there’s (a tightly cropped version of) my image on page 78…and my name nestled among hundreds of others in the image credits at the back of the book.

Now I know what the best boy electric feels like!


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One response to “it’s my horn and I’ll toot if I want to

  1. Cool. And an interesting book to be included in, as well.

    Even nicer that you got a copy of the book. I have a photograph in a book on green interiors, but I never saw the page until I was teaching last fall and found the book in the LTU library.

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