mission not yet accomplished?

So, the ginchy MBV music site has a list of upcoming releases…which includes the three original Mission of Burma titles being reissued. Again.

Is this an annual thing with these titles? I mean, not that they’re not worthy – but isn’t this the third reissue of these titles in the last ten-fifteen years?

Also upcoming in reissues are Loveless and Isn’t Anything by the site’s apparently-not-namesake My Bloody Valentine – the second of which could definitely stand a sonic upgrade (the original issue – or at least the one I own – is mastered at super-low levels). Not as good as actual new recordings from that band would be… This year-old press release (the reissues have been much-delayed) suggests that both titles have been remastered by Kevin Shields, and that Loveless will include a second disc of alternate mixes of the entire album.

Should be interesting…


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