paging Julian Cope…

This, from Planet Proctor:

York’s Dr. Rupert Till, a Huddersfield University professor and part-time D.J., believes that Stonehenge was created as an ancient “rave” arena slowly perfected by England’s ancestors over time, and probably had concert-like acoustics designed to amplify a “repetitive trance rhythm.”

Till used a computer model to conduct experiments in a life-sized concrete replica of Stonehenge at Maryhill, Washington with all the stones intact, which was constructed as a war memorial by road builder, Sam Hill, and was able to reproduce the sound of someone speaking and clapping 5,000 years ago. “The most interesting thing is we managed to get the whole space to resonate, almost like a wine glass will ring if you run a finger round it. While that was happening a simple drumbeat sounded incredibly dramatic. The space had real character; it felt that we had gone somewhere special.”

Relatedly, I’m currently listening to the Mekons’ most recent album, 2007’s Natural…and it occurs to me that Julian Cope and the Mekons really ought to collaborate. Ideologically, they seem fairly close…along with the far-ranging intellectual content and habit of having obscure and tendentious liner notes. Plus, the Mekons’ Jon Langford and Cope could bond over their shared Welsh heritage…call the resulting album The Welsh All-Stars or something.


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