now we’ve hit the big time…

But not in a good way: here’s the commercial design site Brand New dissing our crappy new logo and state slogan. Okay: it’s actually a more measured response than a mere “diss”; in fact it mostly argues against the kneejerk notions that “my kid could’ve done better than that” and that designers shouldn’t, you know, actually be paid money to do the difficult, skilled work they do.

That said, it’s a lame logo and an even lamer slogan. Apparently, people either elsewhere or even here in Wisconsin have been living life ironically, or just play-acting. Yes, you over there dying of cancer – I see that ironic smirk you’ve got going. Also I’m not sure what doing a cartwheel has to do with “meaning it”: cartwheels, alone among human behaviors, are incapable of being done either ironically or with any sort of pretense or falsity? (Don’t ask me: I can’t do a cartwheel – at least not without racking up a large medical bill. “Wisconsin: Don’t Do Your Uninsured Cartwheels Here.”)

‘Course, even though I read it and mentioned it no more than two days ago, I can’t remember what our state’s last slogan was…I can’t remember any of them since the well-regarded “Escape to Wisconsin” and its iconic, often-altered bumper stickers. There was a slogan that actually worked, that people actually knew and remembered. Pretty simple, too: yellow (but not too cheddary) type on dark-green (but not too Packer-y) background – those “not too”s doing a fine job of alluding to but not madly pointing at two of our state’s better-known associations.

While I’m at it: I fiddled around with my own blunt-instrument graphix skillz to express the resigned frustration of many fans of New Jersey’s beloved Wrens…whose last album came out in the long-ago year of 2003:




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2 responses to “now we’ve hit the big time…

  1. Janet

    I miss “Maryland is for crabs” (awesome, but never official if I recall, unlike “Virginia is for lovers”). We ate seafood like we meant it. I suppose they smooch like they mean it.

  2. Any state slogan for Wisconsin that doesn’t emphasize the last syllable is missing a golden opportunity. “WisconSIN… Vegas without the heat!” or “WisconSIN… where the Violent Femmes want just one f*ck!”

    But that’s just me.

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