hello? I’m still here…

So far, I’m pleased with the switch from Blogger to WordPress (you did notice, right?) – except for a couple of things.

One, it irks that WordPress doesn’t have a good integration with my Flickr site: instead of the random selections Blogger could access (which meant every time you view the site, you’d see a different set of images), WordPress only allows the most recent images. If I paid for the site, I could use whatever technical whatsit it is that lets random images appear (Java, I think), but why should I pay for something I used to be able to get for free?

The other is that Blogger is part of the Google Empire – and since I check my Gmail account quite frequently (and since it keeps me logged in for quite a while anyway), when I post comments elsewhere, I end up posting with my Google identity, which still links to the old blog location (it, in turn, sends people here…but such indirection is annoying) – unless I remember to use my WordPress ID instead. But why can’t WordPress keep me logged in for a longer period of time? I keep having to re-login – you’d think WordPress would want to drive traffic to its blogs, and signing people out constantly (especially when WordPress has to be aware that a lot of its bloggers have Gmail accounts…since, so far as I know, there’s no WordPress e-mail) is a poor way to do that.

So WordPress folks, if you’re reading: howsabout keeping us logged in for longer? (Of course, it could be that it’s Google’s evil plans: at Blogger sites, clearly it’s their interest to keep people logged in to Google-based accounts…)

(Addendum: Also – I hate camel case, or intercapitalization, or whatever you want to call it…but WP apparently insists on it. I typed a lower-case “p” in this blog’s host’s name…but it was automagically “corrected” to “WordPress” when it was published. Even if I type the ASCII code for lower-case “p” it’s corrected. Maybe I’ll use some weird symbol…Wordđť—‰ress: ha!)



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2 responses to “hello? I’m still here…

  1. I have multiple Gmail accounts and keeping up with what account I’m logged into when commenting is a pain in the neck. so be careful what you ask for.

  2. So when WordPress hosts your blog, they don’t allow the use of plugins without paying extra? That sucks. I use the Flickr Badge Widget plugin on my blog to get the random Flickr images, but I host on my own site.

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