nonesuch nomenclature

For some reason, this semester among my 70 or so students, there are a number of duplicated names where one student is male and the other is female. There’s always been your handful of people named “Chris” or “Pat” or “Sandy” (pretty rare: few women call themselves “Chris” these days, it seems), but this semester I have male/female pairs of Jordans and Alexes, plus an Erin and an Aaron in the same class (aurally indistinguishable), not to mention a Devon, Dana, and Lindsay whose gender was not clear until I met them (also a “Shannon” – but that’s only rarely a male name these days).

And a “Saeree” – a male whose name is pronounced the same as the 30 Rock character Cerie. Whom, I’m sure, no one would mistake for male.


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  1. My brother is named Pat and his wife is Chris. He does not find that Saturday Night Live sketch funny at all.

    My wife always has a lot of international students and I play guess the gender with her class role. I bat about .600.

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