Magnet Magazine pays homage to Milwaukee’s own Atomic Records (courtesy Dan Didier of Maritime and formerly of the Promise Ring). Didier gives a shout-out to my old Milk Magazine stomping grounds as well…



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2 responses to “*sniffle*

  1. has any band aged better than the promise ring? maybe jimmy eat world. when thirty degrees everywhere came out, i was like, oh yeah, that’s a pretty good band. a decade later, i’m still singing all those songs. and “wish we never met” = immortal classic.

  2. I like their stuff…but I think Davey von Bohlen’s singing is much better in Maritime. Sometimes its limitations in Promise Ring days could be charming…but sometimes it’d grate.

    Speaking of von Bohlen: his Wikipedia entry is rather charming…read it quickly before some Wikigrind decides much of it is irrelevant or unsourced or some such…or maybe von Bohlen will edit it, lest it give opposing players any edge in pickup basketball games on the road…

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