Still Coleman After All These Years

My elderly readers will remember that back in the glory days of the original Saturday Night Live, their “news” program had a running gag proclaiming that “Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.”

My guess is that long after the last marble tiles are laid in the Minnesota site of the memorial to the late, beloved Sen. Al Franken, Norm Coleman will still be contesting the 2008 election. Pausing to wipe away drool from his chin, he’ll shake a withered, liver-spotted fist from his bed in the Ronald Reagan Home for Aged Conservatives, and demand the 4,392nd recount, or argue that the Constitution does not explicitly prevent the dead from casting votes, or claiming that the moon was full on the evening of the election, which invalidated an untold number of votes due to the fact that an unknown number of votes for Franken were clearly cast by lycanthropes.


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