2008 top 20

Here’s a selection of songs from my 20 favorite albums of 2008. I sequenced them to play in order, so the order doesn’t reflect any ranking of the songs’ host albums.

Ringtone Tycoon: The Automated Pushover

1. The Bye Bye Blackbirds “The Ghosts Are Alright” (Houses & Homes)
2. Ghosty “A Good Customer” (Answers)
3. These New Puritans “Elvis” (Beat Pyramid)
4. School of Language “This Is No Fun” (Sea from Shore)
5. Department of Eagles “Waves of Rye” (In Ear Park)
6. TV on the Radio “Family Tree” (Dear Science)
7. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks “Out of Reaches” (Real Emotional Trash)
8. Shannon McArdle “I Was Warned” (Summer of the Whore)
9. The Black Watch “Peppermint” (Icing the Snow Queen)
10. Mike Viola “That Part of Me Is Dead” (Lurch)
11. Albert Hammond Jr. “In My Room” (¿Cómo Te Llama?)
12. Wire “All Fours” (Object 47)
13. School of Seven Bells “Connjur” (Alpinisms)
14. Momus “Fade to White” (Joemus)
15. The Week That Was “The Story Waits for No One” (The Week That Was)
16. The Chap “Wuss Wuss” (Mega Breakfast)
17. Sam Phillips “My Career in Chemistry” (Don’t Do Anything)
18. Portishead “We Carry On” (Third)
19. Beck “Chemtrails” (Modern Guilt)
20. Clinic “Shopping Bag” (Do It!)

Playlist: enjoy! Everyone have a happy new year, and here’s to 2009!


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