winning by winning, drilling by drilling, and voting by…not voting

The thing about Bush is that you can actually believe he’s stupid enough to believe the garbage he spews. John McCain, though no Einstein, simply isn’t in Bush’s league when it comes to being dumb.

So it’s all the more infuriating when McCain tries to play the Stupid Game. The “inflate your tires, haw haw” thing was bad enough…but now here’s Honest John, talking to bikers in Sturgis about “win[ning the war] the right way, by winning it!” (as opposed to winning it the wrong way, which would be by, say, counting on it to cover the spread in next year’s Super Bowl) and blathering about how “we’re going to drill, and we’re going to drill now” (probably not what the bikers would have thought had McCain persuaded his wife to enter the topless beauty contest as he suggested) and, ridiculously, suggesting that part of the problem was that Congress was taking a “vacation” instead of voting on drilling. Let’s see…first, Congress has always recessed; second, I thought McCain was trying to be one of those “best government is that which governs least” conservatives – now he wants legislators to work overtime? – and finally, this from a guy who’s missed nearly two-thirds of votes during his time as a Senator due to his campaigning.

I don’t think McCain’s that stupid – apparently, he thinks Americans are.

I really hope he’s wrong.


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