was he also bitter and clinging to religion?

Meet one of my neighbors:

This charming fellow (whom we’ve never had the pleasure to meet) lives about two blocks from us. Apparently, after a long hard morning battling more than a few bottles, he decided his lawn needed mowing…but sadly (for his lawnmower, but amusingly for several Google pages’ worth of bloggers already), the mower wouldn’t start. Our neighbor called in the assistance of a Mr. Winchester.

As it happens, most mower manufacturers do not recommend gunfire as an effective remedy for start-up failure.



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5 responses to “was he also bitter and clinging to religion?

  1. PCarino

    You live two blocks away from Lemmy? Cool.

  2. Anonymous

    The story of your fine neighbor made it to our local Sunday Newspaper – The Las Cruces Sun-News toay.

    I will be making my first ever visit to Milwaukee with my wife who is from your fair city but has not returned for a visit in over 25 years.

    This article will I’m sure do something for the tourist business.

    Where does this gentleman live? Love to see the outside of his residence.

    Ivan White
    Las Cruces, New Mexico

  3. 2fs

    His story also made the BBC online edition…

    Surprisingly, the outside of his house is fairly nice-looking. The impression is that it’s actually his mother’s, who takes care of it, while he’s the layabout, do-nothing, drunken son. Entirely my filling-in of stereotypes, that. (Except the news article did note he lived with his mother.)

  4. Steve

    Wow, it’s just like the Dead Kennedys song “A Child and His Lawnmower“! If that guy was also “Too [intoxicated] to [fornicate]”, he may have been a DKs fan.

  5. Michael

    “After shooting the mower, he went in his basement, where he was arrested by police”

    They were waiting in the basement, just knowing that he would do something stupid that morning.

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