bwah-ha-ha-ha timesink!

Dear Readers:

I love you all, but if you have a productive job, or caring family or friends, or children who need loving caretaking, I am here to destroy your world – by recommending yet another deeply meandering website full of goofy, cool, marginally useful info (one that, given my impenetrably dense layers of unhipness, was probably utterly all that back in the primordial days of March 2008 or so). In this instance, I’m referring to the TV Tropes Wiki, whose mission it is to explore, explain, exemplify, and exsanguinate all the various rhetorical, structural, technical, and adjectival tricks TV (and not just TV) writers and producers use in assembling their products. I suppose it should surprise no one that I stumbled onto the site via a link from somewhere Joss Whedon and Dr. Horrible -related (nor that many of the writers at the site are Joss fans).

If you’re one of those people who finds it distressing to find language, art, or entertainment analyzed, don’t bother…but if instead you find such practices fascinating (particularly when undertaken with a sense of humor), don’t bother showing up to work tomorrow, be prepared to spend the night on the couch while your spouse stews at you, and assume your kid’s gonna grow up to be a Republican anyway so why bother.


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One response to “bwah-ha-ha-ha timesink!

  1. yellojkt

    You aren’t kidding about that Trope Wiki being a time sink. I better get that on the banned link list at work or I will never get anything done.

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