the deal

I remember a couple of years ago, when it seemed possible that Condoleezza Rice might consider a run for the Republican nomination for president, wondering what would happen to bigots everywhere if Obama were the Democratic nominee and Rice the Republican. My prediction was, essentially, suddenly there’d be an “electable” third-party candidate…a white guy, of course. Obviously (obviously), this candidate would not be a racist (of course not) or someone who thought a woman shouldn’t run the country (how could you think it?) but merely an alternative, a man who felt compelled to run because, you know, his points of view were not being represented, and those perspectives, he was certain, were held by a significant number of Americans. Nothing to do with racism or sexism, no sir.

That didn’t happen, obviously…but it’s interesting to watch the potentially impending collapse of the Obama campaign, in that while no one is actually playing that proverbial race card, it’s strictly coincidental that all those other cards being played (The Stranger, The Crypto-Muslim, The Rookie, The Secret Radical) keep sticking to it in the political deck.

And of course, all of those cards are forming a lovely straight flush in the Jeremiah Wright imbroglio…and anyone counting cards can guess what that fifth card is. And the poor Democrats (not the candidates, of course – to point this out would be unsporting), trying to nail McCain with Rev. Hagee, who blamed Katrina on gay pride parades, or McCain’s speech at Liberty University in 2006, home of Jerry Falwell, for whom 9-11 was divine payback for abortion, feminism, homosexuality, and, uh, the ACLU: those cards don’t stick, they’re clean as the new-fallen snow – must be some sort of tar or something on those Obama cards that they keep falling together like that.

But don’t blame the Republicans (or wannabe Republican VP candidate Clinton) for that: they’re colorblind, you know.



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3 responses to “the deal

  1. yellojkt

    Don’t worry about the race card. They have a full deck of them. They have so many, they use then on each other.

  2. Steve

    That Obama dude sure wins a lot of states for someone whose campaign is on the verge of collapse.

  3. 2fs

    I did say “potentially impending doom”…and, of course, a curious fact: the losing presidential candidate has always won his party’s primary nomination process…

    I was feeling pessimistic: we’ll see whether voters fall for this sort of bogosity or rise above it in the general election. Obama will need a clear head in the face of the McCain/Clinton juggernaut ;-)

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