Today is Record Store Day

So go and support your local indie record store. I went to Atomic, and in addition to the ninety bucks of stuff I bought, I got a bag full o’ goodies, including nine or ten label sampler CDs, a sampler DVD, a 45 rpm single, two magazines, a 10%-off certificate, a raffle ticket, and a collection of stickers and buttons…plus two pair of 3D glasses to watch Björk’s new 3D video and a bottle opener promoting some band or other (with a code for a free download). At least some of this stuff doesn’t suck.

Atomic’s got bands playing all day as well (somewhat ironically, making actual shopping more difficult…but hey: can you see a live performance by downloading an mp3? No, you cannot: Star Trek-style transporters do not exist), so go on down and demonstrate that you continue to exist in physical reality and three-dimensional space. (Unless, of course, you don’t…too bad for you.)



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2 responses to “Today is Record Store Day

  1. James

    Was the 7″ single from Wye Oak, on Merge? I stopped off at Other Music in Manhattan and picked up one of the last few they had. Then I dropped by Downtown Music Gallery (which carries only avant-garde, modern compositional, and jazz), and they had dozens upon dozens of copies of the same single, untaken. Neither had the Malkmus single, though (Other Music was sold out, DMG never had it).

  2. 2fs

    No, unfortunately – since that one (with Destroyer on the b-side) was the one I wanted. I found out later that one was being given away to folks who’d bought vinyl – hell, I’d have bought a single or something if I’d known. (Note: normally I think singles are the stupidest thing known to humanity: the sound is crap, they’re always pressed off center, etc.)

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