being Green

For no particular reason, “She’s Heaven” by Green popped into my head the other day, so I decided to post it. Green was originally from Chicago, but they played here often enough to be a sort of honorary local band – and in fact, at one point Milwaukee musician Mike Jarvis (from Root Cellar, the Blow Pops, and later the Lackloves) joined up as second guitarist. This one was a crowd favorite at the several shows of theirs I attended…generally involving numerous drunken folks attempting to yowl along with Jeff Lescher’s crazed high notes.

From the same album as “She’s Heaven,” here’s “My Sister Jane” – sort of a creepy little song, since the narrator’s interest in his cool sister edges a bit beyond brotherly.

Apparently some version of the band (which was always pretty much Lescher’s baby anyway) is still around, having recorded some new tracks last year and hoping to release them. (Or maybe they’re released and I just haven’t found them yet.)

Green “She’s Heaven” (White Soul, 1989)
Green “My Sister Jane” (White Soul, 1989)


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