Charles Thompson IV’s fear

The ooh-scary headlines about 25% of teenage girls having STDs makes me glad I’m not a teenager…but where is the corresponding study of teenage boys’ rates of STD infection? It seems as if once again, it’s all them evil womenses’ fault.

And then there’s the recently-former governor of New York. I can’t quite figure out why Mr. Spitzer decided to go for the goldplated blowjob when he just could have had an affair like anyone else – thereby not breaking the law and, given his past crusades against prostitution rings, not making a hypocrite of himself – but as David Byrne, of all people, points out…who are Clients 1 through 8? While nothing about the way this thing was pursued lets Spitzer off the hook, the aroma of politicization wafts quite a hefty stench here. As Byrne suggests, given the enormous fees these particular “escorts” charged, we’re not talking about your average, everyday johns here: we’re talking people who have the cash to spend up to $4,000 for an evening with a prostitute. Surely among those other clients, there might have been a Republican or two, no? So why aren’t their names in the news?

(And for the sake of the nation’s headline writers, it’s really a shame Spitzer and Larry Craig couldn’t have switched sex scandals…if only to facilitate the headline Spitzer Swallows?…)



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3 responses to “Charles Thompson IV’s fear

  1. 125records

    Client 6 has been exposed as the Duke of Westminster, “the richest man in Britain” and, of course, a husband & father:

  2. Don

    As you know, I’m a Pixies fan, but I have to admit your post title is leaving me mystified. What lyric or song title are you referring to?

  3. 2fs

    I think if you run through the lyrics to “I’ve Been Tired,” I think you’ll see the relevance to each of the items discussed above…

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