I still refuse to accept the annoying set of words formed along the lines of “thirtysomething” (i.e., “twentysomething” etc.), after the now-decades-old TV show and for some reason utterly beloved of hack journalists everywhere. The world got along just fine for centuries without a word ending in “-something” to describe the general age of people: “in their twenties,” “in their late thirties,” and so on. (Side question: is age always even relevant? We’re addicted to generation-mania…see the related and annoying trend of vague generational names…)

And now the producers of the old Thirtysomething TV show (I’m just a puddle of peeves today: yep, I’m refusing to lower-case the name of the show…) are back with a new series, to be called Quarterlife (no points if you guessed that it, too, is supposed to be lower-cased) and dealing with the oh-so-traumatic maunderings of a bunch of folks in their early to mid-twenties.

Oh joy – now pop-sociology -loving journalists will have a new term, and a new phenomenon, to bluntly hit us over the head with: not enough for there to be a “midlife crisis,” no; now we need a “quarterlife” crisis as well.


I am going to go search YouTube for videos of cute kitties to calm myself down for a while.


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