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An iTunes meme, copied from flasshe and hotrox: I think I did this one a few months back in the comments area of yellojkt’s blog…but I can’t seem to find it. For added value, I’ll list the subsequent items as well where appropriate

Anyway, iTunes libraries tend to be in flux – so it’d be interesting (if I ever find that comment) to compare. This is my laptop’s iTunes – I have different (although partially overlapping, no doubt) collections on the computer in my school office and at my other job.

On wit’ da show:

Total length:

3970 songs, 10:15:25:48 total time, 19.75 GB. (This will increase massively once I buy my external drive: waiting on a big rebate from another purchase to buy that…)

First and last songs (by title):

“A’int No Funki Tangerine” [sic] Campag Velocet (I remember this is the same; next one up is “A19” by Maximo Park); “#9 Dream” John Lennon (next: “8×10” Charlemagne)

Shortest and longest songs:

“Underpants Gnome Jingle” from South Park (0:16); “Outro” by The Fall (0:36)
“Summerisle Horspiel” Momus and Anne Laplantine (24:42); “In Held ’twas in I” Procol Harum (17:32)

Sort by album title – first and last

Okay, this doesn’t really work: for various complicated reasons due to the way my mp3 database sorts mp3s, I tend to remove info from the album field. So most of the stuff in iTunes lists no album. But of those that preserve album title, it looks like this (none of which are albums I actually own as a whole):

A Place to Bury Strangers (self-titled), The Above Ground Sound of Jake Holmes
The Yellow Princess (John Fahey), The Yellow Box (David Cunningham and Peter Gordon)

Sort by artist – first and last:

A-Frames, A Place to Bury Strangers
!!!, 9853

Top 5 played songs: (another category that doesn’t really work: iTunes increments these whenever a song reaches its endpoint, no matter where it started; when I do mixes, I’ll go from the last few seconds of one track into the first few of the next to check transitions…so any song used in a mix will show far more plays than songs not part of a mix.)

Portastatic “You Blanks” (acoustic)
The Holy Modal Rounders “Give the Fiddler a Dram”
The Jennifers “Good Morning Starshine”
Les Savy Fav “What Would Wolves Do?”
New Young Pony Club “Hiding on the Staircase”

Broken Social Scene “Ibi Dreams of Pavement”
Joy Zipper “Out of the Sun”
Bullette & Hangnail Phillips “The Finest Gifts”
The Faint “Dust”
A-Frames “Flies”
(non-mix…and this is entirely iTunes’ own preference in shuffling…in fact, despite these tracks’ “most frequently played” status, I cannot recall any one of them goes. I should also point out that the numbers aren’t high: from 10 at the top to 8 at the bottom. One measure of the diversity of a playlist – or rather, of the diversity of play-style – is the ratio between the highest number of plays and the total number of tracks: the higher it is, the more that listener literally plays favorites. Or iTunes does…)

Word Count:

Sex: 14
Death: 19 (obviously, I’m not a metal fan…)
Love: 142 (obviously, I’m not a metal fan…)
You: 361 (it’s a drag you can’t specify entire words only; I wonder how that would compare to “I”?)
Home: 43
Boy: 54
Girl: 76

First 5 songs on Party Shuffle:
(to be clear: I refreshed the list first)

“The Air We Breathe” Figurines
“Seratonin” Simple Kid
“Blow Up (Tomorrow)” The Yardbirds
“Commemorative Transfiguration and Communion at Magruder Park” John Fahey
“Bombs” The Impossible Shapes

A curious note: I have exactly one track performed by John Fahey in iTunes…yet here it is, representing in two different categories.

Finally: a new category…

Oldest track added: “The Swish” (demo) The Hold Steady (12/21/04)
Newest track added: “Bee of the Bird of the Moth” They Might Be Giants (2/14/08)

Addendum: I thought I’d check one of the other two iTunes, so here’s the results for my work computer:

Total: 668 songs (1.7 days, 3.56 GB) – just got a new ‘puter in January, so not much yet.

first/last title “About the Ocean” The High Water Marks / “7 Deadly Sins” Traveling Wilburys

Short/long “Museum of Hopelessness” Game Theory (0.11) / “Ommadawn Part 1” Mike Oldfield (19.19)

Album title Andorra (Caribou) / 6 Peace EP (Schneider TM)

Artist Add/The 1900s

Most Played “Lunch Hour Pops” Broadcast; “Call Off the War” James Angell (2 plays ea.); a bunch tied with 1 play: first 3 alpha “Let It All Burn” Add; “Under Your Spell” Amber Benson (Buffy sdtk); “Cosmo Retro Intro Outro” Amon Tobin

Party Shuffle first 5: “Sapphire Eyes High” Serena-Maneesh; “Reality Check” Schneider TM; “Fit and Working Again” The Fall; “Please Say Please” Dwight Twilley Band; “Wholy Holy” Marvin Gaye

sex 1, death 0, love 35, you 61, home 2, boy 7, girl 5

early “The New Stone Age” Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark; late “I Hope You Never Die” Black Fiction


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