a compromise

So they’re going to build a bronze statue of Fonzie in Milwaukee. There’s been some opposition to this statue from folks who don’t want yet another reminder of the outmoded Happy Days/Laverne and Shirley image of Milwaukee…but the decision’s been made, and we’ll have to live with it.

My suggestion is that occasionally, we put the statue in a cheap suit and tie and proclaim it a Barry Zuckerkorn statue. That’ll give it a hipper, more contemporary image, I think.


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  1. Paula

    In a former Brooklyn neighborhood of mine, the big bus terminal is called Jackie Gleason Terminal, and there is a life-sized statue of Ralph Kramden at the bus terminal in Manhattan. That’s *two* homages to a single TV sitcom actor/character, in a city that has–I’m guessing–been the birthplace of more (genuine) historical figures than anywhere else in the country. This mystifies me.

    So while the Fonzie thing is annoying, it seems to fit into a national epidemic of questionable taste and skewed historical perspective…

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