2007 listening diary – part F

The sixth part of this year’s megamix, entitled “Black Tiger Pounce”:

102. Barry Dworkin “Rock and Roll Dreams’ll Come Through”
103. Wondermints “Arnaldo Said”
104. Herman Jolly “1,000,000 Feet Below”
105. Adam Franklin “Syd’s Eyes”
106. Diane Cluck “Easy to Be Around”
107. Siobhan Donaghy “Ghosts”
108. Virgin of the Birds “You Haven’t Talked to Tara”
109. The Safes “Only in Your Mind”
110. Socalled “(These Are) The Good Old Days”
111. Dirty Projectors “No More”
112. Castanets “You Are the Blood”
113. They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? “That’s a Good Question”
114. Taxi Taxi “Family Doctor”
115. My Teenage Stride “To Live and Die in the Airport Lounge”
116. Gravenhurst “Black Holes in the Sand”
117. Minus Story “In Line”
118. Bockman “Tied to the Moon”
119. Prefuse 73 “The Class of 73 Bells”
120. Idle Tigers “The Shadow Falls Across the Fridge, Frank”

About that “Barry Dworkin” track: no, this is not the Barry Dworkin who’s a physician with a Canadian call-in radio show, nor is this the Barry Dworkin who sells real estate in California – this is the Barry Dworkin who’s the greatest living songwriter known to mankind. Sadly, his backing band, the Gas Station Dogs, could not be with him for this performance (he hasn’t found the right guys yet), but I think you’ll agree that this track is “The Godfather of rock’n’roll songs.” Godfather III, probably – or maybe Godfather XIV, the one where Dane Cook and Pauly Shore co-star. Adam Franklin is the former main guy in Swervedriver, a band that’s been ridiculously overlooked and whose catalog is really due for reissue. Every music blogger on the planet has had something to say about that Dirty Projectors album (the one that radically reimagines Black Flag’s Damaged); as an entire album my impression is it might wear thin, but individual tracks are brilliant. My Teenage Stride seems to quote Brian Eno’s “Cindy Tells Me” – not sure if that was intentional (any more than if the band’s name is an homage to the Mercury Rev song “Young Man’s Stride”). Judging from the Castanets’ song, more bands should use heavily reverbed clarinet.

The usual postscript: check the comments for links, and the prior installments are available beginning here.



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4 responses to “2007 listening diary – part F

  1. James

    I just have to say…

    they want to sound like XTC, don’t they?

  2. 2fs

    Errrmm…who does? (Short answer: lotsa bands – but which one are you referring to?)

  3. James

    That’s a good question…

  4. blinked, missed it

    What ever happened to The Flying Bono Rapers of Arsewick?

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