2007 listening diary – part E

Break out the horns and hooters (no Steely Dan here though – although one of their songs is covered in a later mix), it’s the fifth part of my 2007 megamix, A Pillow Fight in Leather Pants, entitled “Cotton Boxing (Mian Quan)”:

83. Flight of Conchords “Business Time”
84. Marnie Stern “Put All Your Eggs in One Basket and Then Watch That Basket!!!”
85. Monarch “Warning”
86. The Chemical Brothers “We Are the Night”
87. Savath + Savalas “Era Tu”
88. Deerhunter “Fluorescent Grey”
89. The Sharp Things “An Ocean Part Deux”
90. Magik Markers “Last of the Lemach Line”
91. Tokyo Police Club “Be Good”
92. SNMNMNM “Addy Will Know”
93. A Place to Bury Strangers “I Know I’ll See You”
94. Division Day “Reversible” (Ginormous mix)
95. Plushgun “Just Impolite”
96. Head of Femur “Leader and the Falcon”
97. Bottom of the Hudson “Rusty Zippers”
98. Manatella “Apocalyptic Owl”
99. Sleeping States “The Next Step”
100. Great Lake Swimmers “Put There by the Land”
101. Los Campesinos! “You! Me! Dancing!” (ep)

Several Marnie Stern tracks were interesting this year – the woman is an insane guitarist. This was the year of Deerhunter: in addition to a 14-track mix from Jonderneathica, nearly another dozen tracks came my way via various music bloggers (pretty impressive for a band with only about twenty-some songs to its official discography)… The SNMNMNM track is especially for librarians: can anyone tell me which items are referenced via Library of Congress catalog numbers in this song? The band A Place to Bury Strangers seems to have conceived the odd idea that Joy Division and the Jesus and Mary Chain were actually the same band – not a bad idea though. Plushgun is one of three or four bands whose unsolicited demo links impressed me enough to make these mixes (one of them, as I mentioned earlier, made my top 20 CDs of the year…fairly impressive considering, uh, there’s no actual CD yet. Technicalities…) Los Campesinos! (their screamer – they seem to like them) rerecorded this track in 2007; the version here (which I first heard in late December 2006) is a bit rawer, but I think all the better for that rawness.

As always, check the dictatorship of the commentariat (where what made Milwaukee famous has made a monkey of me). (The previous entry in this series is here – earlier entries are linked backwards serially. Or – to recycle a joke – surreally, if you prefer.)


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  1. Linkalot Lance, Secret Chimp

    The missinging linkses!

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