2007 listening diary – part D

Welcome to the D-side of our platter, sports fans – I’m compiling just for you, covered in sequins.

This sector is known as “The White Eyebrow (Bak Mei)” and expresses yet another form of the ancient martial art of pillow fighting. Contents may have settled during shipping but should still be viewable using the secret decoder ring as follows:

62. Patton Oswalt “Physics for Poets / The Dukes of Hazzard”
63. Portastatic “You Blanks” acoustic
64. The Mutton Birds “She’s Been Talking”
65. The Knife “Neverland”
66. Tarwater “When Love Was the Law in Los Angeles”
67. Psapp “Needle & Thread”
68. Creeping Jenny “Mouse Bite”
69. David Kilgour “Sun of God”
70. David Vandervelde “Nothin’ No”
71. Dylan Hears a Who “Too Many Daves”
72. Camera Obscura “Phil and Don”
73. Winterpills “Broken Arm”
74. Cezanne “In Snow”
75. Lost in Hildurness “Floods”
76. A Sunny Day in Glasgow “Our Change into Rain Is No Change at All (Talkin’ ’bout Us)”
77. Felix Kubin + Coolhand “There Is a Garden”
78. Momus “Bonsai Tree”
79. MF DOOM “Tick, Tick…”
80. Dntel “Sundial”
81. The High Llamas “Apricots”
82. Ra Ra Riot “Each Year”

This one goes from political to weird…which, you know, makes too much sense. The chorus of the Portastatic track breaks my heart. A couple of otherwise unreleased tracks here: the Creeping Jenny track (which I believe showed up at the estimable Little Hits site), the Momus track (via his own blog Click Opera), and – curses! – the subsequently disappeared Dylan Hears a Who track (one of five or six), which was shoved with great force into the deepest, brownest folds of the nether orifices of the Seuss Estates’ legal team. A damned shame: setting Dr. Seuss’ words to a dead-on Dylan impersonation (dead-on both musically and vocally) is a brilliant idea that serves both artists. Apparently, some lawyers didn’t see it that way. (E-mail me for more info.) Speaking of legal issues: I’d thought that Beatles samples were never able to be cleared. Someone forgot to tell MF DOOM – who finds here that a glass onion makes a wobbly and queasy-making watercraft. And sadly, Ra Ra Riot is one of two bands in this megamix (that I know of) to have suffered tragic losses during 2007: their drummer drowned earlier this year.

Check the comments, check the guy’s track comments. (The prior installment is available here – and earlier installments are linked therefrom.)


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