2007 listening diary – part C

Here’s the track listing for the third part of my 2007 megamix, this section entitled “Southern Sleeping Dog”:

41. Scharpling & Wurster “Jock Squad” (excerpt)
42. Les Savy Fav “What Would Wolves Do?”
43. Sarah Blasko “For You”
44. Kate Tucker & the Sons of Sweden “Everything Went Down”
45. Prints “Too Much Water”
46. The Trolleyvox “I Call on You”
47. The Buddyrevelles “Moods of…”
48. Smart Went Crazy “Funny as in Funny Ha-Ha”
49. Clear Tigers “Boredom”
50. Mike Viola “Girly Worm”
51. Nyack “Savage Smile”
52. Mystery Jets “Diamonds in the Dark”
53. Scott Matelic “Thoughtless”
54. Jeremy Enigk “Oh John”
55. Miracle Fortress “Have You Seen in Your Dreams”
56. Iron & Wine “Boy with a Coin”
57. The Three 4 Tens “R.U.B.A.”
58. The Shake “Stop the Show”
59. The 1900s “Cold & Kind”
60. Sam Amidon “Little Johnny Brown”
61. Shocking Pinks “I Want U Back”

Some comments: Scharpling & Wurster (from “The Best Show on WFMU”) perfectly capture the sudden mood swings from self-congratulatory to absurdly aggressive that characterize the jock personality. That “Too Much Water” track has a bit of a purple tinge to it, don’t you think? Say the band’s name out loud… The Smart Went Crazy track contains maybe my favorite lyrics of the year (my year, not theirs – it was recorded in 1997), with the reference to “the time that you said that you were afraid to confront your fear of confrontation”… I will note that Mike Viola blatantly steals the beginning of the theme of the Addams Family TV show for his track…I’m not entirely sure why. Does anyone know who’s singing on the Scott Matelic track? I couldn’t find any info on the singer.

Once again, check the comments. Earlier installments are here: part A and part B.


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