Where’s the hipster vat?

It defies genetic probability that not just a “look” – clothing, hairstyles – but an entire body type would somehow become more prominent and popular in the wake of a trend…yet walk around any town’s hipster ghetto, and I swear there’s a secret underground laboratory in which largish heads with larger hairstyles are propped atop stringbean bodies with no ass whatsoever, issued plastic glasses, and set loose to bitch about Kevin Barnes selling out.



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  1. flasshe

    Hey, bigot, some of us were just born without asses. We couldn’t help it. I wear the nickname “Assless Wonder” proudly.

  2. yellojkt

    Who the hell is Kevin Barnes? Proving that I am no hipster.

  3. 2fs

    Kevin Barnes is the singer & main songwriter for the band Of Montreal (a fine band, actually). The controversy is over his having allowed part of one of his band’s songs in an ad campaign for Outback Steakhouse. Here’s his defense of his actions – and here’s Tris McCall’s dead-on demolition of same.

    I don’t have a problem with a musician writing a jingle. I do have a problem with a musician allowing a pre-existing song to be used as a jingle. (I suppose it counts less if – like Nick Drake and that VW ad – they’re dead.)

  4. 2fs

    Oh – I should note that McCall’s a musician and songwriter as well as a writer.

  5. Matthew Perpetua

    I think the subculture is actually built around the body type.

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