Go Figure Dept.

People get bent utterly out of shape by a tenth-second, 25-pixel glimpse of bare nipple on TV, flapping their arms wildly, crying “what about the children?”…yet in Wisconsin (and probably plenty of other states as well), it’s perfectly okay to strap a gutted, bloody deer corpse to your car or truck and drive or park it anywhere, including where young kids get to see it.

Good luck explaining when some kid asks “what happened to Bambi?”



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2 responses to “Go Figure Dept.

  1. Baxter-K

    I used to live in WI, and I remember the first time I saw that. Couldn’t believe my eyes. Nothing at all against WI, but I could do without gun deer season.

  2. czeltic girl

    This time of year, I am soooo happy all of my driving is done in the city. I haven’t had to see a deer strapped to a car for ages. All I see these days is cars laden down with their kill from the Christmas tree hunts. Much easier to deal with.

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