About a month ago (inspired by Flasshe: I didn’t know it had existed until I saw it at his site), I changed the site’s link to my Flickr site to the image you see to the right near the top of the page, which brings up three randomly chosen images (selected from among those of my photos I’ve labeled “badge”). What’s fun about this is the unexpected way the three images interact with one another.

So, a contest of sorts (which I’m sure will draw an overwhelming response): your favorite set of three images, screen-captured from this page. Experience the joy of hitting refresh repeatedly!



Filed under art, meta

2 responses to “three…rocks.

  1. 125records

    I think you will agree that these three images go together WAY too well to be random: random image And yet they are…

  2. 2fs

    That’s a pretty good one!

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