good guess

Been busy…pre-semester preparation, meetings, etc. At one meeting, we were asked to introduce ourselves and, as a bit of a joke (connected to the subject of a paper we were to be evaluating), were asked also to name our favorite color. Naturally, many folks tried to be witty: “clear”; “blue…no! yellow!” etc. And naturally, I had to follow suit. So I said “Pantone 357.”

This was a completely wild guess: in my daily life I don’t have any particular need to know Pantone‘s colors, so for all I knew I’d just named some horrifying shade of puke-mustard beige.

Actually, I do like the color: (This is, of course, my computer’s approximation and probably not utterly accurate…)



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2 responses to “good guess

  1. yellojkt

    Looks like Hunter Green to me. Which was very popular in 1985.

  2. 2fs

    Hunter Green…played centerfield for the Pirates then, right?

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