it’s all relative

Two interesting updates have come to me via the comments area on past posts. In this post, I wondered aloud whether then-Arizona, currently-Milwaukee baseball player Craig Counsell was related to Judd Counsell, drummer with the Hold Steady. Turns out the answer is yes, as Judd’s comment in that post indicates.

And earlier, I’d gotten a comment from an Allen Crocker, whose father’s name is Lance Crocker – the name I made up for the character in the song linked in that post.

I wonder if my neighbor Engelbert Jolie is related to Angelina in any way? (Hey – it can’t hurt to try…)


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  1. Angelina J.

    Sorry, Jeff. My last name is really my middle name, and my legal last name is Voight. “Jolie” is just a stage name.

    You are really hot! I would like to adopt a baby from Milwaukee, any tips?

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