Wrens in British air

In keeping with my mission to post every scrap of non-album goodness the Wrens ever release, here are the two songs they performed on the BBC early in 2006, “Everyone Choose Sides” and “Boys You Won’t.” I am assuming that the files were labeled using the British date system, and so this is from March 2, 2006…but if they were labeled by an American after the fact, that would be February 3, 2006. A mystery!

As the BBC Symphony Orchestra failed to show, these songs feature acoustic Wrens, two guitars, a piano (which may not technically be acoustic), and some percussion. They get a remarkably full sound from that ensemble: credit their arranging and vocal skills.

These songs are edited from this file, which also contains interviews with the Wrens and that night’s support act, the Favours. Thanks to “eltim” at the Wrens message board for that link!

(Note: the song is called “Everyone Choose Sides” – an imperative of sorts – not “Everyone Chooses Sides” – a kind of generalized statement. Damned sloppy file labelers!)

The Wrens “Everyone Choose Sides” (live and acoustic on BBC Radio Humberside, March 2, 2006)
The Wrens “Boys You Won’t” (live and acoustic on BBC Radio Humberside, March 2, 2006)


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