t-shirt for math geeks

No idea why I thought of this…but I set to work making a mockup anyway…click to embiggen

Update: You know what’s really awesome here – or really scary if you think that way? I did not realize it when I posted this, but…in fact, this is my 666th post.



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7 responses to “t-shirt for math geeks

  1. yellojkt

    I want one of those for my kid. I’m not sure my wife would let him wear it, but it is perfect for him.

  2. epileptikitty

    Sorry, not enough of a math geek. Was ist?

  3. 2fs

    I’m barely enough of one to explain it. The number on the shirt is the “natural logarithm” of 666 – i.e., the number which, raised to the power e, equals 666. The number e is defined as…uh, well, uh…here: go read this Wikipedia article.

  4. 2fs

    Oops: that should read “the power to which e must be raised to equal 666.” The reverse of what I said. The t-shirt’s for math geeks…obviously, not for me!

  5. Mr Evilwrench

    Muchly cool, I might wear one BUT: the shirt should either be revised to say “Natural Logarithm of the Beast” or the number changed to 2.823474… which is the plain ol’ logarithm of 666. The difference being whether you use the “log” function or “ln” function on thy calculator.

  6. 2fs

    And see, I was trying to avoid the whole notation controversy (in which some claim “log” is the natural log while others say it’s the “plain ol’ logarithm.” Anyway, “Natural Logarithm of the Beast” doesn’t fit well on the shirt. Perhaps the 2.823474 solution is a good one…but you know, someone will come along and argue otherwise.

    Good thing it’s an entirely fictitious shirt. (I retain a noncommercial, attribution-required, share-alike Creative Commons license in the design, fwiw.)

  7. 2fs

    Oops – this link should have appeared with that Creative Commons bit above.

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