pants-down science!

Researchers have come up with a list of 237 reasons people have sex.

First: what the hell is wrong with the paper that the list itself isn’t in the article – you know, perhaps so you can check entries off to see how many you’ve used? More importantly, such a list would facilitate the efforts of clever people to find new, hitherto unutilized reasons: “I bought a new pair of shoes! Let’s do it, baby!” It would also have been useful to know which reasons potential partners find most compelling. (I’m guessing “new pair of shoes” would rank pretty low.)

Update: Faithful reader Janet (and that’s Janet ID, an abbreviation of her surname – not “Janet Id”) points out that the online article links to a PDF file listing the top 50 reasons, for men and for women. Unsurprisingly, many of the nominally different reasons are pretty much the same: please explain the difference between “I was ‘horny'” and “I was sexually aroused and wanted the release,” for instance. I too am amused by one of the answers: “it just happened.” “You know, I was walking down the street on my way to work, and all of a sudden I was behind a dumpster in the alley having sex. I have no idea how that happened!”



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5 responses to “pants-down science!

  1. Janet ID

    Putting the list in the paper would take up a lot of column inches, and there’s a direct link to the study (in the online version of the article anyway). The study seems to include a complete list via Table 4. I haven’t read (let alone experienced) all 257, but my favorite of the reasons I noticed is “It just happened”.

  2. 2fs

    “Column inches”? This be the Internet, ye scurvy dog! More importantly: you have twenty more reasons than listed? Better let everyone else in on them!

  3. Paula

    Re: “it just happened”–an ex-boyfriend of mine slept with someone after we had broken up, and when we reconciled a little while later, and he was telling me about it, he said, “It was an accident!”

    It made me realize that his integrity and accountability were not quite at the level that I wanted in a boyfriend…

  4. 2fs

    Was he a NRBQ fan? (Article altered for sake of authenticity.) Or maybe it was like in that Chaucer tale: he thought it was someone else but was fooled – fooled, I tell you! – by the darkness and his inadvertent partner’s cunning stratagem.

  5. yellojkt

    It seems that most of the reasons are just variations of “I just wanted to.”

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