"it just doesn’t meta!"

An old standby, but still capable of providing a moderate level of amusement, this is another “what’s in your referrer log?” entries.

Curiously, one of the most popular searches that lead people here comes from people looking for the joke about the penguin, whose set-up line is “looks like you blew a seal.” I’m sorry to say the entire joke is nowhere on this site – but if you’re curious as to why my site pops up in connection with that joke, read this entry (and its comments).

Curiously, though, the most common search that gets people here is the word “oops.” I’m not sure what this might signify. Perhaps I need a new tagline: “The Architectural Dance Society: Not What You Were Looking For, Since 2003.”

For almost all of these, I’m rather puzzled as to why Google led people to my site. (Of course, now, they’ll all legitimately lead here. Bwah-hah-hah-hah!)

* Anal dance
* “dan whitney” yearbook photo (who?)
* “font joke” (I’m happy to be one of the main providers of font jokes on the Internets.)
* “painting on naked women” (pretty sure I never wrote about that – if anyone would like me to do so, I’ll need to practice first: send photos)
* “pure texture” concrete crap
* 1930’s press cards in fedoras
* adult humor – grinning apes
* background all fuzzy (just the background? I think it’s all fuzzy all the way down)
* beat dance typing (if anyone can contact Andy Partridge, do so and tell him to write a song with this title, immediately!)
* chart on wingdings popularity
* dale earnhardt domestic abuse
* drank curdled milk (HAVE NOT DONE!)
* funny manly construction worker names
* george bush keyboard sounds
* lyrical dresses at dance kracy shop in plymouth (I must write about this weekly!)
* oddball dotted sixteenth note
* static electric bite marks (if anyone can contact Captain Beefheart, do so and tell him to write a song with this title, immediately!)
* the one song you should never whistle at a urinal (“Pees Pees Me”?)


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One response to “"it just doesn’t meta!"

  1. yellojkt

    I was very disturbed when I got a hit for “Jordan Todosey naked”. She is a twelve year old actress on the Disney Channel. Sadly it was a legitimate hit since there is another kids show called The Naked Brothers Band. You need to review some of their tunes.

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