Bowie addendum

What’s unusual about this image, which was the original US Mercury Records cover of The Man Who Sold the World?

It is, so far as I can tell, the only cover of an officially released Bowie album that does not feature an image of David Bowie.

The history of this image is detailed on this page (scroll down a bit). Apparently this was also used as the European cover, at least for a time (as indicated by the catalog numbers near the top).

(I used to have this very LP. The difference between me and a collector is that I buy stuff for the music…which meant that when I bought this album on CD (the Rykodisc version), I sold this one to a used record store. I have no idea whether it was rare then, or now for that matter – but it probably wasn’t worth much anyway, since it wasn’t in the best condition. Oh by jingo!)


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