New Wrens (sorta), and payback’s a beeyotch ainahey

The Wrens (well, Charles and Greg thereof) recently appeared on Faith Salie’s “Fair Game” program on PRI (scroll down: it’s the March 21 show). They performed two songs: “Thirteen Grand” and a new track Charles wrote for a friend’s wedding (since they didn’t mention the title, I’ll cleverly call it “Wedding Song“) a several-years-old song Charles wrote for a friend’s wedding, whose title I only recently discovered is “Brand New Apartment.” In the interview portion of the show, those mischievous Wrens casually confirm that they’ll have a new album out “by the end of the year.”

No word whether they’re using the ancient Mayan Calendar Round, in which a “year” is approximately 52 Earth years.

Just yesterday, I was complaining about copyright law blah-blah-blah…and so I suppose it’s apt that in this very “Fair Game” episode, there’s a ad for a parody TV show presenting the troubles besetting Jesus and his two dads. Hey – two years ago, I was the one proposing a Jesus-based sitcom! (Timely, eh?)

The Wrens “Thirteen Grand” (radio session)
The Wrens “Brand New Apartment” (radio session)


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