he’s tidied up and I can’t find anything!

I’m in the process of moving a lot of files from one place to another – I think I’ve caught them all, but if you run into a dead link anywhere (except, of course, for mp3s that are gone because I keep them up for only a few weeks), please let me know. I’ll be using eSnips from here on out: I think I’ve figured out how to get files to behave properly in Firefox, so that when you right-click on links, the file will begin downloading (assuming you choose that option) just as files have always done. Again: let me know if you experience any difficulties. Go on: download those Future Clouds & Radar or John Cale tracks…you know you wanna…

UPDATE: Oops. Seems my brilliant plan didn’t work. I’m working on it…



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2 responses to “he’s tidied up and I can’t find anything!

  1. yellojkt

    I’m supposed to download them? Are you sure that’s legal?

  2. 2fs

    Funny you’d ask… The FC&R tracks are the same ones at the band’s website (so yes). The Cotton Mather tracks are from an out-of-print CD on a no-longer-existing label…so I’m uncertain whose rights I’d be violating if any.

    The John Cale stuff is (as I mention) unavailable in the US, and as Cale is (I believe) currently without a recording contract in the US, and I’m unfamiliar with British law, I wouldn’t worry too much.

    Not to mention that not a day passes when I don’t have links to several mp3s in my inbox from bands’ and labels’ own publicists. Clearly, everyone *except* the RIAA (which doesn’t represent indie labels anyway) recognizes the promotional value of such posts.

    (There: that’ll teach you to have me take you at face value!)

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