cake, the having and eating of

Billboards have sprung up recently claiming that many people “have switched back to the new AT&T.”

Uh, if it’s “the new AT&T,” people can’t have switched back. It can’t be both “new” and the company people are switching “back” to: choose one.

Along similar lines, why would you name your restaurant “Nothing But Noodles” and then add a bunch of non-noodle-based items to your menu? Not quite as bad as a sign I saw for a store (the specific name of which I can’t remember) that had actually changed their name to something like “Widgets Only – And More!”



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5 responses to “cake, the having and eating of

  1. Anonymous

    So would “Not Only Noodles” be a better name? Reminds me of the SNL skit about the Scotch tape store.

    Atlanta used to have a dining establishment called “Hello, I’m Jello”. And “the city too busy to hate” is still home to Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles!

  2. Paula

    I am the girl too busy to hate, and I have a dream of starting:

    –A make-your-own-salad place (they have these all over NYC, dunno if it’s a national phenom) and call it YOU MADE YOUR SALAD NOW LIE IN IT

    –A mashed-potato boutique called MASH, where they serve scoops of variously flavored mashed potatoes as if it were ice cream. You can get “sundaes” too, like with gravy and chunks of vegetables.

    Chicken & Waffles!! Yum!!

  3. Sue T.

    I’ve always enjoyed the businesses that name themselves something along the lines of “Widgets Only” and then adopt the slogan, “We’re more than just widgets!” Of course, I wasn’t able to think of any examples off the top of my head, but I found a place on the web called “The Violet Barn”: “We’re more than just violets!”

  4. Phil

    Vagina Barn: Home of the Penis

  5. trill42

    On the old Letterman show, he once visited a store called Just Lamps. He asked for bulbs and for shades. The employee said they didn’t have them, and repeating the name of the store; each time they’d show the “JUST LAMPS” sign out front… “No, all we have is Just Lamps. I guess if you want shades, you should go to a store called Just Shades.”

    Then he went to a store called Just Shades.

    I’m also always amused by those stores called something like JUST *whatever* AND MORE. They’re great.

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