[pun involving "donkey," "kick ass"]

So it would appear Republican dreams of single-party dominance have been thwarted. A bit, anyway: now Democrats just have to act like Democrats and not just like nicer, slightly-less-sleazy-and-insane Republicans. And South Dakota rejected its draconian abortion ban.

I’m still pissed off that my own state is apparently full of bloodthirsty bigots: referenda to ban gay marriage and reinstate the death penalty (“advisory” only on the death penalty question – i.e., it has no real effect) both passed. On the other hand, similar advisory referenda in several localities on getting the hell out of Iraq passed handily. Except for the hoity-toity folk in Ozaukee County, who have always been at war with Eastasia: Do you support the efforts of the United States and its military in waging a war on terror throughout the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan, until such time as organized terrorism is eliminated and citizens of all countries can be assured of their safety to go about their tasks of everyday life? reads an item that was favored by two-thirds of that county’s voters. Let’s see…all organized terrorism “eliminated”? Citizens can be “assured of their safety”? We’ll be fighting under those conditions until Jesus comes down on his pretty pretty ponies covered in daffodils and dollars. I think those voters were influenced by this magazine cover.



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2 responses to “[pun involving "donkey," "kick ass"]

  1. Czeltic Girl

    Well, you can rest assured that my mom did her best to vote no on that Oz Co measure, as did all her friends. Sadly, their group may be the only sane residents of that county.


    And Sensenbrenner? Why, why, why?

  2. Sue T.

    I keep thinking that it would have been darned interesting to see how many states would have passed anti-miscegination propositions back in the ’50s and ’60s, if that issue had gone to the ballot box. My guess? All of them.

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