tape, scissors, copy machine, whatever you’ve got…

Here’s a great website, Milwaukee Rock Posters (run by the former drummer of Couch Flambeau), particularly for Milwaukeeans and ex-Milwaukeeans who are old enough to remember many of these bands (and maybe many of these shows). Even if you’re in none of those demographics, the posters and photos are an interesting snapshot of a long-gone aesthetic moment. Some of the posters look like they were done in five minutes; others clearly took hours and hours of painstaking effort. Then, the same is true of many of these bands’ songs.

Incidentally, if anyone has a good-quality mp3 of the Blackholes’ “Warren Spahn,” I’d be eternally grateful… For some reason, I’m thinking of making a mix CD consisting of songs named after baseball players (several of which seem to have nothing to do with the ballplayers…but hey).



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2 responses to “tape, scissors, copy machine, whatever you’ve got…

  1. Anonymous

    “Curt Flood” by Joe Henry…


  2. Anonymous

    I can rip my “Warren Spahn” single for you, if you don’t have it. Don’t forget the Pernice Brothers’ ode to Manny Ramirez, and “Peat Rows” by Hypnolovewheel!

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