maybe the moon was full?

Hola, amigos. I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, but – oh wait, I’m not Jim Anchower.

Anyway: see if you can follow the sparkling-clear, spring-fed logic outlined below:

1. Bill Clinton is a bit of a horndog;
2. Therefore: he’s rather narcissistic;
3. Therefore: he likes himself;
4. Given (1) and (3), we conclude that he likes others who “look like” himself;
5. Bill Clinton is a man;
6. Men, generally, look like other men;
7. So we conclude, putting (4) through (6) together, that Bill Clinton is (wait for it) gay.

Thus spake Ann Coulter.

We could simplify, and conclude more directly that:

1. Ann Coulter is full-blown wolf-howlingly batshit crazy. (And, possibly, “doth protest too much.”)

(As a leftist, I suppose I should spend my time fulminating against out-of-office right-wingers. (For illustrative purposes, assume that Clinton was a left-winger. No, really – stop laughing.) Damn that Warren G. Harding! And given that Harding died young, it’s obvious that he was a child molester. I’ll let you work out the logic yourselves.)



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3 responses to “maybe the moon was full?

  1. Paula

    I never thought I’d find myself defending Ann Coulter, and I’m not exactly–it’s more a desire to play nice–but a) that interview was stupid and the interviewer was badgering her to say something “shocking,” and b) because she went to a gay bar with Tammy Bruce, that means she’s having an affair with her?

  2. 2fs

    Paula…you’re just too nice. a) Yes, “the interview was stupid and the interviewer was badgering her”…but it doesn’t sound as if Coulter just was playing along. It sounds more like she genuinely believes Clinton’s promiscuity has something to do with his putative gayness. Which puts her as an honored resident of Wigville, no matter how she got there. b) Yeah, that’s a bit much (you’ll note both the link and my phrasing hedge bets here). But it is a bit of irony…and in this case, one suspects that Coulter *is* just playing along (since if she really were all ooky about gays and lesbians, she wouldn’t be comfortable hanging out with one in a lesbian club): that is, perhaps she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about gays and lesbians but realizes making outrageous statements about them sells books. So in that case, she’ll be deported from Wigville and accepted with open arms in Hypocricity.

  3. Paula

    Hmm…I can’t disagree with you, but when journalists (whether they are on the left or the right) egg her on to say outrageous things, not only are they playing into her hands, they’re also contributing to the noise in the world.

    If you were a journalist interviewing AC, wouldn’t you rather trick her into saying something compassionate, or insightful, or useful?

    In the meantime, can we just ignore her?

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