Monkey off my back

Another jumble of noise is herewith released, by the redoubtable Monkey Typing Pool. Some bits of trivia: (1) the title was floating around in my head for quite some time (since, in fact, it describes a pretty common reality). (2) Some of my past lyrics haven’t rhymed. To make up for that, the chorus of this song features two different lines that rhyme throughout their 13-syllable entirety. (3) Yes, rhyming “moon” with first “June” and then “soon” was intentional. Here are a few further notes.

This will most likely be the last in a somewhat inadvertently ongoing series of musical homages. Comments, feedback, and rotting fruits and vegetables via parcel post welcome.

Monkey Typing Pool “Stephin Merritt Writes Another Song About the Moon”


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5 responses to “Monkey off my back

  1. Joe

    *Someone’s* been paying attention to ANOTHER GREEN WORLD!

  2. Paula

    Very nice, tropical-almost music for a summer’s day.

  3. Anonymous

    “This will most likely be the last “

    Who d’ya think you are, Scott Miller or sumpin’?

  4. 2fs

    “The last” homage. Not the last song. You’re not rid of me yet. And yes, as a songwriter I’m no Scott Miller. More like Philboyd Miller. (That was two jokes in one, by the way…)

  5. flasshe

    Finally got around to listening to this and I really like it. Reminds me of Bill Nelson’s homegrown stuff, especially vocally. Cool percussion and there’s a catchy melody in there somewhere.

    rxojiwha! rxojiwha!

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