Pixar knows!

Or you’d think they would… Saw an ad for the new Pixar feature Cars – and why on earth did they put the cars’ “eyes” on the windshield, when everyone knows that cars’ “faces” are formed by the grille and headlights – the latter of which are cars’ “eyes”? Car designers surely know this: just contrast the cute, round-eyed look of something like the Neon (introduced with that annoying “Hi.” campaign) vs. your average sports car, with its narrow-eyed, “mean”-look, much like cartoon sports logoes conveying aggressiveness and intensity.



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3 responses to “Pixar knows!

  1. Anonymous

    The main character is a NASCAR-style racecar. He doesn’t have headlights.

    We caught CARS yesterday (my birthday, B. picked the movie. Hm…) and enjoyed it greatly. In fact, I was convinced by film’s end that windshields are indeed appropriate places for cars’ eyes.

    In case anyone needs this advice, stay ’til the very end of the credits if you go.


  2. 2fs

    Do you mean the red car with #95 on it, as depicted http://www.pixar.com/featurefilms/cars/? Does so have headlights! They may not be functional…but that’s irrelevant. Both this guy and the towtruck look goofy – they’ve already got “eyes,” why do they have a second pair? Nope, I don’t buy it… Or at least, I know that’ll be difficult for me to overcome when I see the movie.

  3. Anonymous

    I saw the movie, my dear. #95, Lightning McQueen, does not have headlights. Those are stickers. It’s an important plot point. You can’t have stickers for eyes.


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