my two favorite Eno covers

The Volcano Suns did “Needles in the Camel’s Eye.” A gang of exuberantly giddy superheroes is playing some sort of game that finds them roaring and crashing through the trees and whaling on each other with foam bats. A few bruises…but no one minds.

The Hope Blister did “Spider and I.” We are becalmed at sea off the Antarctic coast. Gradually, cracks open in the ice ahead of and above us, on immense craggy heaped frozen cliffs. Suddenly and slow, huge sheaves of ice calve off the frozen shore and crash into the ocean, creating enormous clouds of froth and mist. Yet all is utterly silent, like a memory or a dream – and somehow it makes sense that it takes music to illustrate what the words say: “a world without sound.” We sleep in the morning.

The Volcano Suns “Needles in the Camel’s Eye”
The Hope Blister “Spider and I”



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2 responses to “my two favorite Eno covers

  1. Anonymous

    Avast! Perhaps ye means “wailing” on each other.

  2. 2fs

    smart-ass answer: No, they had harpoons, peglegs, etc.

    actual answer.

    Also: the goofy nonword I had to ID myself with (I didn’t bother logging on first) is “pnkrcdk” – punk rock decay!

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