things that may or may not be related

* Arizona Diamondbacks player Craig Counsell, who went to high school in Milwaukee suburb Whitefish Bay, and Hold Steady drummer P. Judd Counsell, formerly of Milwaukee-to-Minneapolis band Punchdrunk.

Here’s Punchdrunk’s single b-side “Lyman Bostock,” named after another ballplayer (and incidentally recorded on my 31st birthday). The drum hits here sound like they’re played by the guy who does the foley effects in movies where some guy gets hit hard in the face.

*Cartoonist Darby Conley (of “Get Fuzzy” fame), born in Concord, Massachusetts, currently resident in Carlisle, Massachusetts (according to Wikipedia anyway), and Boston-based musician Clint Conley, of Mission of Burma and Consonant.

Here’s Consonant’s “Dumb Joy,” which is probably Satchel Pooch’s favorite song (or it least, a most apt one).

* The Thought Gang, the 1994 novel by Tibor Fischer about philosophical bank-robbers (or bank-robbing philosophers) and many obscure words beginning with the letter “z,” and Thought Gang, David Lynch’s “band” that performed a couple of pieces on the soundtrack to his 1992 Twin Peaks prequel, Fire Walk with Me.

To maintain the dog theme, I’m featuring the mysterious and murky track “The Black Dog Runs at Night.” (How, you might ask, does the first entry have a dog theme? Uh…doesn’t “Bostock” sound like a good name for a dog? Sure it does, of course, that’s it!)

Punchdrunk “Lyman Bostock”
Consonant “Dumb Joy”
Thought Gang “The Black Dog Runs at Night”



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3 responses to “things that may or may not be related

  1. jon manyjars

    I loved “Under the Frog” by Tibor Fischer. I need to read “The Thought Gang”. Are they any relation to the Ludd Gang? “Carve a hole in the rain for ya…”

  2. Paula

    That was an inspired post, 2fs. And between you and Jon, you brainwashed me into requesting the Thought Gang (book) from the Bklyn Pub Lib. Thanks.

  3. Judd

    This is judd counsell. We are related. Craig’s dad is my dad’s cousin, making us 2nd Cousins?

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