you’ve got to trust me on this!

It’s the week after Easter, and that can mean only one thing: massively discounted Peeps. A friend discovered the (rather tedious, because a series of single shots) Peeps-based Lord of the Rings parody, and so we were brainstorming ideas. Rose came up with a Peeps-based 24. The below scenario, however, can be blamed solely on me:

[The usual ticking clock and tink-tink. Cut to shot of Peep with miniature cellphone; gradually pull back to reveal that Peep is inside a microwave oven, along with several other peeps sitting on fashionably postmodern furnishings, with computer monitors etc. We hear a few beeps, then a whirring noise as the mic is started up.]

[v/o]: Counter-Terrorist agent Chick Bauer has 24 seconds to prevent anti-Peep terrorists from destroying CTU with microwave radiation! Will he be able to turn off the doomsday device in time, or will he and his fellow Peeps…oops, too late!


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  1. Anonymous

    “This one goes out to my Peeps!”

    What were the first words ever spoken by baby Jack Bauer?

    “There’s no time!”

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