failed experiments

Because I am lame, it’s taken me a couple of years to even begin familiarizing myself with various features of my digital camera. For instance, I never had bothered to figure out how the “movie” feature worked. (Very simply, as it turns out – though not foolproof*…) Just for the hell of it, one day as I was driving along I just randomly filmed out the window of the car. I’d also forgotten it records sound…so you can hear ambient background, turn signals…and (what was playing on the car CD player at the time) an excerpt from Iannis Xenakis’s Kraanerg. Actually, there are some amusingly traffic-jam-esque sounds in the Xenakis piece. I like it better played at half-speed, however – the blurriness is more apparent, and suggestive, at that playback rate. Oh – and if I were Brian Eno, I’d insist you turn your monitor on its side to view this. Luckily for you, I’m not.

* How not foolproof? “On” and “off” are just depressing the shutter button. But if you’re a dope and (to be fair) concentrating more on actually driving, you might not notice that you’ve turned it off when you thought you’d turned it on, and vice versa. So my intended sequel – a more colorful, suburban version of the same, shot on a sunnier day – didn’t turn out: instead, I got about five minutes of the camera sitting on the car seat while Cornelius’ Point played. I think I will not pursue my filmmaking career…


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