Some time back (inspired by yellojkt) I submitted this site for review by the heartless yet sexy cartoons over at So the actual review itself was sorta nothingy: to paraphrase, “there are many words, and I am too tired to read them.” Fair call: I do like the words.

I was somewhat more amused at the amateur reviewers in the cheap seats (a/k/a the comments section), several of whom took issue with my terrifying background color – which is either yellow, green, or vomit. What’s amusing is that at least one of those background haters has a website decorated with the wallpaper from my grandmother’s bathroom…so I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad.

And wouldn’t you know: the italk2much folks would come calling the week I suddenly immersed myself in my R.*.M. collection, earning one of those commenters the right to diss me for being hopelessly outdated in my “obsession.” Hey – are you folks forgetting that I am old? And get the hell offa my nice puke-green lawn!


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